Alfie loves to tell stories to his sister--until the worst one of all comes true.
Flash Fiction by Milo James Fowler.

With Adam gone, Liz is faced with the truth that a Reader is useless without a Book. Determined to find him again, she comes out of hiding only to discover another truth: every Book has a Writer.

Liza has called and The Open Book has responded. Now only two questions remain: Was it a good idea for the three of them to be in one place? And what if Liz wasn't the one who planned it that way?

A Craigslist sale gone wrong.

Flash Fiction by Milo James Fowler

A collection of dark flash fiction by Melanie Schulz, each lasting approximately two minutes, and each corresponding with a letter in the alphabet.

Turns out not all suburban legends are real, but some of them are, and some of them can happen to you. Flash Fiction by Milo James Fowler.

Aaron's forced to visit his Grandpa in the nursing home. He's the only one he'll talk to, mainly because everyone else thinks he's crazy--especially when he starts going on about being able to hear everything and everyone.  It's not so crazy when it turns out to be true. 

I never thought that buying a gallon of milk would prove to be fatal--begins this haunting tale by Milo James Fowler.

A sad but quirky romance where time is precious and life is something not to be missed.

Freed Books

Big sisters can be a pain, and so can their boyfriends. But sometimes little brothers can surprise you.

Flash Fiction by Milo James Fowler.

Strange things happen to Liza Brown. Buildings fall down. Libraries start on fire. But the strangest of all is him--the phoenix who expects her to drop everything and follow him.

short stories/flash fiction

Shifting Sands is a prequel to Past Due, the first book in the Coulter Men series. In the series, each of the three Coulter brothers has his chance to tell his story and find his happily ever after. In this story, Angel, the broken girl who sets the stage for her sister’s tragedy, gets a chance to tell hers.

Jarius Knigglesby has a problem, besides his unfortunate name. He wants something and will give anything to have it. And he does.

 A Halloween Tale.

join the movement

This parallel universe themed short story by Melanie Schulz, first featured in the anthology Parallels: Felix Was Here, is sure to haunt you.

The end of the world has come with a shutter and a roar, and out of the ashes will rise a new generation.

Flash Fiction by Milo James Fowler.